questions about visual programming.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By vinurd

Good afternoon. Due to a lack of lessons on the visual script. I’ll ask questions here. As I figure it out, I will release a series of lessons in Russian on my channel.

  1. Question - how to implement the object return method. The object moves to a certain distance-stops and must return back. We managed to make a move forward, how to get it back.
  2. how to exit the app-buttons ESC / I managed to figure out the buttons, it is not clear how and where to click to find the exit from the app.
  3. it Is not clear how the new version will turn to the screen of the game, and make it exactly in the center of the application and make it change along with the stretched frames of the application.

all this using a visual script.

if it is not difficult to explain the same prednzanchenie functions that the program uses -in which cases to use.