Reduce resolution for android for performance

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So my game resolution in windows panel is 1980X1080 pixel, This game work perfectly for PC, but when I export for android it is not very good and it has low frame per second.

Anyway I want to my game have lower resolution for android, because I think due to smaller screen it is not important to have this resolution 1980X1080.

If I change resolution in project setting/window, that will change everything, player can not see far.

I read the page Multiple resolutions in Godot documentation and I did not understand well what should I do.

maybe I should use this:


But I don’t know where, Godot documentation says before game data load, but where is that?

So guys I will appreciate if someone can help me

I’m also making a game support both PC and Android device.

My solution is to use a Camera node to dynamic changing resolution. First I will check if the game is running on an Android device, if true i will zoom the camera in. With less things to render, the performance of my game is improved.

01lifeleft | 2020-01-20 17:59

I tried putting this code in my “” wich is a singleton and is loaded first.
But i can’t see the effect. Also performance wasn’t improving. Not sure what i’m doing wrong :confused:

bitbotzgames | 2021-07-20 19:39