Ribbit :frog:

Even if it might seem silent around Godot 3 these days, that is not actually the case - we have another Release Candidate for you today:

This means bug fixes and new features even after quite a while (3.5 released August 2022 :scream:)

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Wow! I didn’t realize you guys were updating Godot 3, that’s awesome.
I really appreciate that you guys are maintaining 3.x.
I really like the .NET Framework support and the much smaller output size (than Godot 4).

With .exe compression ( I got a hello world Godot 3.6 (Windows, non-mono) Application down to ~11MB.

Also, you think you guys might be able to use ‘Black’ (when it’s the system configured color) for the titlebars of this new version (Windows)?

Godot 4.2+ does this and it makes it look much more pleasing in both the applications developed and in the IDE itself (tried to file a bug for that, but I may not yet be cool enough to report bugs because I wasn’t able to see it after submission).