Rename "Site Feedback" to "Forum Feedback"

Does it make sense to rename “Site Feedback” to “Forum Feedback”?

Looks like a lot of people come into this section to post reports about the main site problems, or asset lib problems, or anything else.

Renaming this section to be explicit about forum won’t stop some people to post irrelevant topics, but at least will decrease the amount of such posts.

Or quite the opposite: leave it as it is, but accept all kind of feedback topics, not only for the forum.


Renaming seems like a good idea. Let’s wait a bit if someone objects, but otherwise we can name it “Forum Feedback” as suggested.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s better to have these things centralized on GitHub, so that duplicates can be prevented more easily.
Also if we would allow it here, then it should be it’s own category (or subcategory) to separate them. The forum admins can’t help with topics out of the forum scope, and vice versa.


There should be a forum feedback and a site feedback

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But then again who maintains the website feedback here? The persons working on the website are on GitHub, not necessarily on the forum. Posting here would mostly be screaming into the void. Maybe some posts would be noticed, but it takes longer than on GitHub. Plus it can easily lead to duplicated issues between here and GitHub.

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Renamed category to Forum Feedback


The idea to rename TAG is great. It’s not so confusing now. But what if the user doesn’t have a github account and doesn’t plan to create one? And thus can’t send a report? Sending a report here was the most intuitive for me.

But this way is probably better. Because I understood Site Feedback as feedback for GodotEngine, I didn’t distinguish whether it’s a forum or a website.

And thank you for the warning about the incorrect inclusion of my request. :godot:


It’s a valid point. But as long as we don’t have people here to maintain it, we simply can’t offer that.

For now I guess it’s fine to ask in General if someone else can create a report in your stead on GitHub if your really can’t create an account there (it’s blocked in some countries for example).


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