Reparenting in scene is a nightmare

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First of all I would like to say hello to all the godot coomunity as this is my first message on the boards.

I have been doing some testing a creating some prototypes with godot and it seems a prettry decent game engien but there’s something that kills productivity IMO. When you create a tree it is imposible to change parent-child relations. This really pisses me off becuase this should be something easy to do and I need to do all sort of things to get what I want.

On the other hand, I see that editor needs a lot of more of “drag & drop” love. Thinks like not being able to drag and drop textures from a folder to the project scene feel pretty odd.

Well, is there any way this things could be fixed in any version? I’m liking the engine so far but it needs a bit of productiviy boost.



eaglecat | 2016-06-09 13:17

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: cardoso

You mean changing parent child relations in a scene?
It is possible:

enter image description here

But I noticed that it removes the signals connections between nodes.


Well, it is more about ussability. It is much better to just drag the node where yo want it to be than selecting the reparent, look for the parent and do it. On the other hand I have found some cases when saving a configured entity as a scene (Is this the way godot simulates unity prefabs?) and then just not being able to reparant children of the parent of this scene to another node.


hexdump | 2016-06-09 10:33

You should check current nightlies… there is drag and drop support implemented already. Probably in next week there will be official alpha version (if you are not in mood to compile it), so the community could help tracking down bugs.

kubecz3k | 2016-06-09 10:43

I guess you didn’t mean it that way, but saying that Godot “simulated Unity prefabs” is pretty insulting considering that Godot manages to implement the same functionality as Unity prefabs, Unity scenes and Unity’s SceneManager with one feature, that as a byproduct makes real singletons easy and even unnecessary and promotes proper object orientation.

It would actually be more adequate to call Unity’s system a somewhat failed attempt to improve object orientation, since Godot’s scenes are basically the same as classes in traditional object oriented programming languages.

Warlaan | 2016-06-09 11:21

Wasn’t my intention to insult anyone/anyting. I’m just a godot newbie and I’m trying to sort out things in my head. So, looking for similarities will make my life easier. So, you confirmed that scenes cna be used as “unity prefabs”. Thats nice!.

Loving the engine, I hope we could get bigger buecase this deserves more attention.


hexdump | 2016-06-09 13:13

As kubecz3k said in his comment, you should download a recent build that has drag-and-drop. You can get one at:

Unofficial Godot Engine builds - Hugo Locurcio

rgrams | 2016-06-11 11:34