Replace singleton with subclass instance

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By CyberShadow

As part of working out a modding framework for a game, I’m trying to replace an auto-loaded singleton with a different object instance at runtime (when a mod is loaded).

According to , singletons are nodes on the /root node, so I tried replacing e.g. SomeSingleton as follows:

var tmpResource = ResourceLoader.load("res://my-mod/", "", true)
var inst = = 'SomeSingleton'
$"/root".call_deferred('remove_child', $'/root/SomeSingleton')
$"/root".call_deferred('add_child', inst)

However, this does not affect the game’s code which refers to SomeSingleton directly - it still accesses the original instance.

I tried adding

ResourceLoader.load("res://path/to/", "", true)

in the subclass’s _enter_tree to reload a game code file, hoping that would make it use the new $"/root/SomeSingleton" but that did not have any effect.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: CyberShadow

The solution I ended up using is to place the code (which is to replace the singleton) in the _init another singleton, placed earlier in the auto-load list. At this point, Resource.take_over_path will affect the singleton’s creation.