ResourceInteractiveLoader giving Loading Progress as Null?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ForsakenFairyFreyja

Hi, I’m have created a scene with an interchangeable background scene instanced.

I have 5 scenes,

main scene
background loading scene
background 1 scene
background 2 scene
background 3 scene

I have 3 buttons in the main scene and I want the buttons to relate to the 3 background scenes,
so if clicked, the background scene instanced in the main scene will be changed to the buttons corresponding backgrounds.

I want to run a background loading with a loading progress bar ontop when a button is pressed and a new scene is instanced in the main scene.

The issue I am having is the ResourceInteractiveLoader is giving Null as the progress.
So the scene is being instanced but without the background loading and the viewport looks frozen whilst it loads.

What do I need to do to track the progress? and apply the background loading scene.