Revert script on instanced scene node

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Hyper Sonic

After instantiating a scene a node inside another scene, I can modify its properties but I’m still able to revert them to their original values using the Revert icon (counter-clockwise arrow).

However, there is no such icon in front of the attached script, so if I Cleared the original script and replaced it with another one (or if I attached a new script before a script was set in the original scene, then I added a different script in the original scene), there is no simple way to get the original script back. Basically I must either reinstantiate the scene, or manually drag the original script back to my instance.

Is a revert icon for the script simply missing and I should ask this as a feature request, or is there something else in the interface that allows me to revert a script on an instanced node?