Run the game in the viewport

Hey godot people,

I’ve been learning godot the past few months and so far I am loving it. GDscript is amazing, compiling the engine was a breeze and so was changing some things on the C++ side.

One thing that I stumbled across though (and maybe I haven’t found out how to do it) is that I cannot see my game running in the viewport. I get the separation of “Local” vs “Remote” hierarchies. That makes total sense to me.
But I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work to display the running game in the viewport. After all local and remote are both node trees.

I am sure people have asked for this a lot already.
Is that a design decision? Some technical limitation? I am really curious.

This have been discussed before and somehow everyone wants to implement it but can’t find a proper way to.

If you have time, take a look at the discussion here and the linked issues

thanks for that link. That seems to be more trouble to implement than I thought judging by the PR

It is indeed, but not because is hard, is more becase is complex to, maybe someday someone will focus entirely on that feature to make it less complex, maintainers are already busy solving bugs and closing github issues

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