Running godot project in xcode on device or simulator help?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Florix
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OK, i’m new to mac so maybe I really don’t am an expert using it, however following the docs and general help I managed to install everything I think I need for trying this. I build the simulator executable for ios, and a debug executable. Now I extracted from the the export template the xcode project needed and changed the data.pck file with one made for windows executable. I setted in the in the godot_ios-Info.plist the executable to the simulator executable and run it. However it runs the engine itself and not my project…Can someone help me why? And If I would like to try to run on device with the debug executable I managed to build other errors keep appearing! Can someone make a simple tutorial that shows how to make these steps? Docs are not really that great about this at least for me…Thanks