runtimes or way to update for compatibility/portability ? some games run, some do not, need a fix for those who will not

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By dotis

Hello all

as per title, since i can run godot engine games but can’t run few others i think it must be related to godot engine version used by them

need to figure out what engine version those who do run are using
and update the engine for those who do not run

or the other way around
figure the game who does not work engine version
and try other engine versions

is there a compatibility runtime collection as some other engines offer
or any other simple/complicated way of doing it?

sadly, the games were custom made for me by a friend who passed away,
so no access to the developer files to just load them and remake the games :frowning:

thank you for any helping idea

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Calinou

Godot doesn’t require you to install the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable on Windows or any other runtimes. However, this may be required if a project uses GDNative libraries that were linked against the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime (instead of a statically linked MinGW runtime). Depending on the Godot version used, this may also be required for projects that use C#.

If a project doesn’t rely on any statically-compiled C++ modules, then you can replace its executable with an export template binary found inside a TPZ archive (see this page for a list of versions). However, this isn’t guaranteed to work, especially if the engine version differs.

You can use the --version command line argument to know which Godot version a project uses, but this will only work for projects exported with debugging enabled on Windows. This is because projects exported in release mode can’t print to standard output on Windows – this is a limitation from using the GUI subsystem instead of the console subsystem (which forces a command prompt to appear when the program starts).

you reply answers some of my concerns but not all
and points in the right direction to find more related info
but sadly not yet entirely solved

the command way to find version did nothing,
you could give me a usage example but i think i did it right…
since i tried various ways and the wrong ways gave error…
but the index of godot versions was very helpful
because i can estimate from release dates what version might have been used in 2020

so i have godot 2 and godot 3 games, i can also pinpoint their exact version
the ones who do work are godot 2 with preference for opengl 2
those who do not work seem godot 3 and may require openg gl 3 or maybe higher?
they should work in similar ways since they are similar graphics :frowning:
but before the game starts it checks for whatever opengl version it thinks it needs
and gives generic error that open gl is non existent or too low

so i will need command line or shortcut arguments to make it work…
it is likely why the games do not work anymore
i had to reinstall os and did not think to save the shortcuts
but it seems the shortcuts to run the games were custom made too

i found something similar to what i need
program.exe -video-driver GLES2
but this does not prevent the exe to check the gl version first,
so for now it still errs and won’t start

if there’s a better way please let me know

also if there are no runtimes like ace maker and others have,
maybe there was something else,
perhaps games made in 3 have the 2 included
and are backwards compatible in same game exe?
but what argument is proper to use there if that’s the case?

dotis | 2021-11-06 00:22