Scaled down my UI, how can I fix the slower movement of the icons of picked up items?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Burloe

I’m making an inventory/menu screen and want to scale down the UI so it doesn’t take up as much screen space and to look better. But now of course when I move items around with my cursor. They move at a slower speed than the cursor.

I know why this happens but I don’t know how to counteract it. When you scale down, you scale down the mouse pos Vector2 as well which causes the item_in_hand to move at a lower speed than the cursor. Here’s the code that handles the item movement:

func _input(event : InputEvent):
            if event is InputEventMouseMotion and item_in_hand:
	            item_in_hand.rect_position = event.position - item_offset 

I scaled the UI down to 0.66 so I tried to add a " * 1.33 " after item_offset to compensate but it doesn’t work(I can’t notice a difference). I’ve had this similar scaling issue for other stuff too but I can’t figure out a solution. Any help is appreciated!