Scene And Signals Help Needed?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By BigDC

Lets say I have Scene A running with several nodes in it, of course Scene B is inside of Scene A whith several nodes in it as well. How can I detect when the mouse enters or leaves the Panel node which is a child node of a child node of a child node of an instanced child node scene?

See the below Scene structure…
Scene A, Scene (root node with its own GD script)
----Scene B, instanced child scene of Scene A
------Hand1 (child node of instanced Scene B)
----------HBoxContainer (child node of child node Hand 1 of Instanced Scene B)
--------------Panel (child node of child node HBoxContainer of child node Hand1 of instanced Scene B, and panel has its own GD Script))

Will using focus_entered() in each of these and set_input_as_handled work? I haven’t tried it but just a thought.

Warning: I am fairly new to godot

sxkod | 2018-08-21 14:44