Screwed up something. Character slowly slides down walls.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By 9BitStrider

Video of the Glitch

Been following a couple video tutorials on YouTube, but my character slowly slides down any walls that he comes in contact with if you’re holding the direction towards the wall.

if !global.on_ice:
	if global.left and !global.right:
		x_speed = -MAX_RUN_SPEED
	elif !global.left and global.right:
		x_speed = MAX_RUN_SPEED
		x_speed = 0
	if global.left and !global.right and x_speed > -MAX_RUN_SPEED:
		x_speed -= ICE_ACCEL
	elif !global.left and global.right and x_speed < MAX_RUN_SPEED:
		x_speed += ICE_ACCEL
		if x_speed > 0:
			x_speed -= ICE_ACCEL
		if x_speed < 0:
			x_speed += ICE_ACCEL
	x_speed = clamp(x_speed, -MAX_RUN_SPEED, MAX_RUN_SPEED)

	y_speed += GRAVITY * delta
	if y_speed > MAX_GRAV:
		y_speed = MAX_GRAV
	velocity.x = x_speed * delta
	velocity.y = y_speed * delta
	#Move the sprite and handle collisions
	var motion = move(velocity)
	#Check for collision
	if is_colliding():
		var n = get_collision_normal()
		var final_motion = n.slide(motion)
		velocity = n.slide(velocity)
		#Reset Y Speed
		y_speed = 0
		#Move the player.

Not sure what is causing the problem, but I think that you don’t need to multiply yspeed with delta in velocity.y, becasue you are already adding delta in yspeed above.

pospathos | 2018-12-06 08:52

I require your move_and_slide code to see if it could be the problem

shield | 2018-12-08 16:12