Separate help forum from dev-talk forum?

I occasionally browse the Godot forum and it’s become kind of obvious that 99% of posts are here asking for help while posts discussing Godot or game development in general quickly become buried and forgotten.

Asking for help is definitely a valid use for the forum, but it’s been a bit disappointing that there’s so little activity otherwise. There isn’t an easy option to hide help posts, you would instead have to manually browse every other category to check for new posts there - something nobody wants to do.

I’m really open to anything that can help with this. I propose to split the forum in two (visually, everything would stay the same back-end wise). Have a button at the top to show the regular forum (every category except help), and have a button to show only help posts. Sort of like stack overflow VS gamedev stackexchange. Maybe the landing page could stay the same and show both types of posts.

  • Yay (split the forum)
  • Nay (it’s good how it is)
  • Something else (propose another idea)
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I’m relatively new here, I don’t know if this is how it already works, but… potentially, you could probably make it so that tags are something you can suscribe to in order to receive notifications, so if someone post something with a tag “GameDev”, it will send you a notification saying that someone posted something in any of the categories, with the tag “GameDev” or any other tag that may interest you.

Or, you could make it so that it doesn’t notify you immediately, but instead, once every day you can get a summary of the active posts that have said tag. Meaning that if the post has more than 24 hours without activty, it won’t show in the summary.


it would be enough to add here also the possibility to set the subcategory as Default Home Page

example: Showcase

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Tech support is clearly the most popular topic here, but I think that adding better filtering options might be the best solution.

Not sure how much or in which way we can make changes to the software to have a better “home page”. One that can show or hide the categories you are not interested in, but it I’m curious to see what people think and what alternatives we have.


My impression is people who develop Godot itself are active elsewhere. So it feels like a dev-talk forum would quickly become a ghost town. Is anyone who works on Godot itself actually active here?

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I think @popcar2 meant Game Developers, instead of Godot Developers which are two different things.

I’d say it would be interesting to see other game developers using this plataform not just to showcase, but also to discuss game developing, share ideas and tools specifically for game developing.

I myself may soon start a thread where I discuss my game developing process. I feel it would help me, and potentially help others.


Yes :slight_smile:

That said, as pointed above, dev-talk was referring to game development, not engine development. Engine development is best discussed on the Godot Contributors Chat.


we have such here, you can realize :godot:
In Development in Showcase

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Ahh, thanks! :+1:

Edit: After checking the forum, it gives me the impression that this section is to showcase stuff which is still in development, I was talking about somewhere to talk about game development, but not your game.

I apologize if my wording is not correct.

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what’s my game? you know, there are all those who make some games in godot engine, if I understood it correctly, this is exactly what you wrote about

I didn’t link to any of my games, but to In Development

and if you look correctly, the Showcase section has another subcategory Games and that’s probably what you’re really looking for…

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