Setup a landscape, 2D Mac and iOS devices physics project: HOW?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By confused

I’m wanting to build to Mac, iPads and iPhones.

Mac builds are really only testing builds, for fast iterative development, on the computer I’m working on. The real targets are iPads and iPhones.

How do I setup a project that runs physics consistently on all the variations of these devices and their differing aspect ratios and resolutions?

I’m willing to fit the game in a 16:9 aspect ratio all the time, and put some some spacers on the top and bottom of iPads/Mac and other devices that aren’t this exact aspect ratio so as to ensure physics and the experience is consistent across devices.

But other than that… not sure what/how to make this work best and setup for these intended targets.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: markopolo

disclaimer: I’ve got no experience building for mobile/tablets and no experience with 3d physics :smiley:

You’ll probably want to fiddle with Project > Project Settings > General > Display > Window > Stretch (what a mouthful!). More information on multiple resolutions (or constant resolutions with different window sizes) here. You’ll probably want viewport or 2d Stretch Mode with Aspect set to keep for whatever ratio you’ve set up in the width/height size settings.

The physics engine doesn’t care about window size or resolution as far as I know, and theoretically doesn’t care about platform either, though I’ve not tried it on different devices before. There are more options you might be interested in during the export process for mac osx or ios, but I know very little about them.