Should I make a mobile app with Godot?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been considering developing a mobile application for some time now, but I’ve run into the dilemma of not knowing which programming language to use for it. Recently, I’ve noticed that some programs for computers are being developed using Godot, and that has caught my attention.

Do any of you have experience developing mobile apps with Godot? Do you think it’s a good idea to use this tool for that purpose? I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on this.

I’m excited to explore this possibility and see what I can achieve. Thanks in advance for yo

Yes, Godot is nice for mobile game development

Entirely depends on your use case.

For me, I’m trying to develop an Android launcher, so I’ve developed a plugin and while I can actually launch apps and I can set my app as the phones launcher, I cannot send the app icons back. ByteArray is broken right now it seems

So if you need any data return any more complex than an int or string, reconsider. You can still run android specific code and what not, but you may have trouble passing data back and forth.

C# in 4 is experimental right now but it seems to work just fine for me.

It’s absolutely possible, HOWEVER you will also he running in uncharted territory. Be prepared for complex problems you can’t Google because YOU are the first person to bump into it.


I’ve been developing an app in Godot the last year and a half or so and I’m having a lot of fun doing so.

My main targets are iOS and Android but I build for desktop as well.

The Good

  • A surprising amount of GUI support for a game engine. You would think that the ability to build a GUI is just an afterthought for most games. However the amount of support for various GUI elements is really really great. We mimic Material design for our app and it does come really close to looking like it. We are not completely there but more on that later.
  • Cross platform deployment. Building for Android, Windows and Linux from Linux is super duper easy and a breeze. Apple being apple makes things harder and I’ve been using my old Macbook on the side to build the iOS releases. I’ve seen hints that you can also cross-compile from Linux but I have not tried it yet.
  • GDScript is really nice and easy to use.

The meh

  • This is not a Godot thing but you should be aware of it regardless: When you build an app that looks like a native app (in our case Material) they expect it to behave that way. Sadly there is lot of hidden magic that makes a native app, well native. Think about the way various screen transition, or elements fade in and out. When creating an app that looks native but is not really native people might feel your app is “clunky” without being able to exactly tell you why that is.

The Bad

  • (Mobile) Apps are not the main use-case for Godot and sometimes serious bugs get through the review process because there are only a limited amount of people using it for this use-case. We had to file Github issues multiple times because core functionality either broke or was changed. We don’t mind this since we think it outweighs the pros but it’s something to consider.

Feel free to PM me if you run into any issues, I might have already seen them.