Should I start a mobile game project in Godot ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By crayonsy

I plan to make a 2D mobile game, and it should probably take me anywhere from 8-12 months to finish it. But I have a few questions before I start development -

  • Considering Godot 4.0 is around the corner, should I be worried about
    starting my project with the current version of Godot, or what if I
    upgrade my project mid-development… will it going to break my code,
    or should I keep using the current version only.

  • I wish to implement mobile ads as well. So should I expect to see
    some changes in the way of implementation of ads when Godot 4.0
    releases. I see right now, we have to use 3rd party plugins to
    implement ads, so are there any possible changes expected in near

I’m asking all of this because I expect the project to go on for about 8-12 months. So I want to be sure, whether I should use Godot for this project or not?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kidscancode

First of all Godot 4 is not “around the corner” by any reasonable estimate. We might have the first alpha this summer, but the alpha → beta → release process is going to take some time. There is so much new in 4.0 that it’s going to require a lot of testing before it can be anywhere near considered “stable”.

Features are going to break, change, and could cause any project made with an alpha to need to be completely restarted. The only reason to be using 4.0 right now is if you are a developer working on 4.0, or you’re looking to help with testing. Any work you do on a project using 4.0 should be considered disposable.

In your 8-12 month development time, you may see a release of 4.0, but even then it’s unlikely you’d want to use that for your project just yet. Unless you plan to write your own mobile ads plugin, you’ll need to wait for those to become stable and tested as well.

Short answer: start now with 3.3.2, update if there’s a 3.3.3 that has bug-fixes you need, and focus on your game. If you succeed and complete it, you can consider 4.0 for your next project.

Thanks for the information. For Godot 4.0, I thought it was about to be released soon because in my YouTube feed I always used to get video recommendations talking about it’s releasing soon. So it’s glad to know now that it won’t be releasing any time soon.

Other than that, for mobile ads I will be using existing plugins only. So should I be worried about any changes to the way those plugins would work with subsequent Godot releases 3.x and so on?

crayonsy | 2021-06-21 05:39