Showcase: Just a little level editor I made. My first ever tool!

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Robster
:warning: Old Version Published before Godot 3 was released.

Thanks so much to everyone for the help on this over the last few days.
I figured I’d post it here so you can see what you’ve all be helping me with. :slight_smile:

Godot 2.1.3 on a Mac.

Saving out the data in JSON format and reading it back in to re-draw the editor tiles.

Each level saves in its own text file. For example, 1.txt, 2.txt etc.

The images/bricks in the dropdown are auto loaded out of the texture/bricks folder when the app loads so I can simply drop PNG files into that folder and they populate the dropdown. Very cool.

I have broke the Project manager on my first plugin attempts xD

This is the way to use this kind of engines, making tools for the game designers to optimize the creativity process.

eons | 2017-04-21 01:14

ahhh, this is not a plugin (not that skilled yet). It’s a separate app but it works well. I have to be honest, making this was as much fun, if not more than making the actual game. Very satisfying. It’s really opened up my eyes. I WAS going to make each level by hand as a CSV file in excel or similar but this is so much better and in the end, faster.

Robster | 2017-04-21 02:55

I see, still, making tools to develop is the way to do things, you can turn it into a EditorPlugin making it part of a panel or an editor like the TileMap editor (you can look the Terrain Editor as example).

eons | 2017-04-21 03:30