Showing a light2d only when another light2d shines on it

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Jelmar

I have a black CanvasModulate node so you can only see where the light2d of my player shines. I have also a enemy with a red light 2d but I want that you can only see the part of that light where my players light on shines. The problem is that if the enemy’s light has the same item cull mask as the CanvasModulate you can always see the light and if i change the item cull mask you can never see the light even if the player’s light shines on a part of it.

I believe for your use case the Light2D mode should be set to “Mask”, but I’ve never tried doing this and I see an open issue on this functionality.

lacethespace | 2020-03-02 13:41