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OK so I was following this tutorial but in 2D and got to the point of him making a second food stand from the first one. Normally, both food stands would work but in my case just the original works.
What I found:

GameEvents.emit_signal(“dialog_initiated”, _dialogue)#DOES NOT EMIT
GameEvents.connect(“dialog_initiated”, self, “_on_dialog_initiated”)#does not work

ok let’s rewind. the food quiz emits a signal made as an autoload script and it is connected in the dialoguemanager, everything works. I duplicate the foodquiz, this one does not work. Why?

This is a 7.5 hour long video. Can you point to the part of the video you’re at?

Can we also see your node structure and the code that is supposed to fire off the signal?

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see screenshot

normally if I would have had a node that emited a signal it would have been easier, I would have linked that node to all the others. but this signal is emited and conected and it is a autoload signal, not an exported custom one

are you missing a parameter for signal in the autoload?
because you are sending a parameter but in the autload only signal dialog_initiated


signal dialog_initiated(dialogue)
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thank you for your reply. i tried it now and still does not work.

did you registered the autoload’s script?

I spent 6hours, I made a new project from scratch thinking godot has a bug from files being moved around. Only to find out that the second scene was NOT linked to the input signal. The good thing is I found out the problem and fixed it. The bad thing is that I am dumb.
Thank you all who tried to help. May your projects never get stuck in such dumb things.

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