Simple Scene Management Crashes without Error

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Fexelitche

Hi all,
I’m currently learning Godot and trying to make a Space Invader kind of game. However, when setting up some scene management so I could have some persistent storage between scenes, it just inexplicably crashes. Freezes for 'bout a second, then crashes.
master-scene load-out
→ SceneChanger
→ PlayerManager
→ CurrentScene

  1. the game boots and puts in MainMenuScene.tcsn under “CurrentScene” (this part works)
  2. you press “play” in the MainMenuScene (it breaks somewhere around here)
  3. the button script goes to the “Master” (yeah ik that kind of naming is not a thing anymore) which is the node that keeps track of all this and the root of everything.
  4. it gets the PlayerManager (on which the ship-type is set and other run-configuration stuff)
  5. then gets the SceneChanger to change the scene:

the signal is set up from the button. It has worked before

first part (_ready) works fine

When in the main menu, you can see on remote that the main menu scene is added as it should be:
From CurrentScene/Node2D and below

I’ve tried to print-debug the entire thing, line for line, but I got no output at all rn. I’ve also tried restarting the editor (No errors in debug, none of my debug lines in output)!