Sling Shot: rescue princess

Well, after a series of doubts, I finally decided to publish the game in both stores. It is a game made in my free time using Godot 3.5.3. I hope you try it.
It is an entertaining game in the traditional Sling Shot style whose main objective is to reach the key in as few attempts as possible and rescue the princess.


If you have a minute, you can download the game here:

Google Play

App Store

If anyone wants to waste their time and comment on anything, it would be appreciated.
(Kenney Graphics Creative Commons CC0)
All the best,

Sounds great!
Always nice to see people developing games even after doubting the project.
Hope you get successful sales!

Thank you. I try to make profit but there is no way. It is very difficult. I have been losing money for more than two years. I have made more games but without profits. I don’t think this game is the exception. It’s not that my games are amazing, but I think I should be able to make a profit. As an indie developer, it is almost impossible to make a profit. It is increasingly common, I think they do it once a month or even every 15 days, to change the algorithm of the stores (Google and Apple Store). Anyway, I will continue developing as a hobby, until I get tired.

True, I will soon start working on my own game and already see some of the struggles of making profit.
But I also saw a lot of opportunities, since there are a lot of let’s play Youtubers…
If you get more people to see your game, more people will buy it, showing it here is also a good idea!
Anyways, I wish you luck for your gamedev journey!
Have a great day

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