smooth circle with draw_circle() ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By siska


I’m trying to create a transition between 2 scenes using an image created by a combination of draw_X() functions.
All is working well, except when I need to draw a large circle (radius 1080/2). It doesn’t look very smooth at all …

enter image description here

Is there a way to fix this ?
Thanks !

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: wombatstampede

As far as I know there’s now draw_circle() function. So you probably created some own function that draws a circle.

If you e.g. did a function draw_circle_arc similar to that from the docs:

Then you might want to increase the nb_points value to have a better approximation to a circle.

Yes, I used the draw_circle() function, which is fine for smaller circles. Large circles however have jagged edges (look like a polygon instead of a circle).

I’ll look into the example code for ‘Arc polygon function’ like you suggested. Hopefully that will work.

Thanks for helping !

siska | 2019-02-12 13:38

Oh, I see. I missed that there actually exists a draw_circle function. My fault.

wombatstampede | 2019-02-12 14:01

No worries. We both learned something new. =)

siska | 2019-02-12 15:11

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Xrayez

There was a suggestion by me and Godot contributor to have this implemented internally, but here’s a version in GDScript that does it for now:

extends Node2D

func draw_circle_custom(radius, maxerror = 0.25):

    if radius <= 0.0:

    var maxpoints = 1024 # I think this is renderer limit

    var numpoints = ceil(PI / acos(1.0 - maxerror / radius))
    numpoints = clamp(numpoints, 3, maxpoints)

    var points = PoolVector2Array([])

    for i in numpoints:
	    var phi = i * PI * 2.0 / numpoints
	    var v = Vector2(sin(phi), cos(phi))
	    points.push_back(v * radius)

    draw_colored_polygon(points, Color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0))

func _draw():

The result should be pretty smooth already. You can experiment with maxerror parameter to fine tune the smoothness/performance. This can be even be hacked to draw hexagons by specifying high maxerror value!

Ah ! Perfect ! Thank you !

I hope this will be implemented in some future version of Godot. And preferrably also with a way to specify its position. Otherwise, how could you use this in combination with other draw calls such as draw_circle(position, radius, color) ???

siska | 2019-02-12 13:54

You can actually offset drawing with:
void draw_set_transform( Vector2 position, float rotation, Vector2 scale )

From the docs:

Sets a custom transform for drawing via components. Anything drawn afterwards will be transformed by this.

func _draw():
    draw_circle_custom(100) # at Vector2(0, 0) relative to canvas item
    draw_set_transform(Vector2(200, 0), 0.0, Vector2(1.0, 1.0))`
    draw_circle_custom(100) # will be drawn with offset 200 pixels right ->

Or you could just draw the circle on a separate canvas item (Node2D) as child of the root scene, and simply set it’s position/transform with corresponding property.

Think of drawing as of commands that are passed to the rendering engine, these commands are then interpreted and drawn all in order.

Xrayez | 2019-02-12 14:06

Interesting !

Seems like you really can do just about anything with the Godot Engine. =)

siska | 2019-02-12 15:13