Snake 3d in godot (not quite first game )

Well I made a game in godot finally , working on second level . Its kind of like snake 3d , except your the Fruit , not the snake . Oh and you need to get the keys . I m using path 3d to move the snakes around and I wish there was a better way because I have these massive spawning paths all around the map now in the background . snekrun by mhawley7

Is that the way it’s designed that snakes can climb to elevation, or are they only supposed to move on the floor?

Well there supposed to just move on the floor . I mean the elevation is meant for the 2nd level . Like did you seem them climb walls or something . I mean I didnt see any behavior like that on the yellow guys =/ . Still im glad you played it , There definatly some stuff I need to work on .

endlessly falling out of map, rip

The snake climbed up to where I’m standing. I guess it’s a bug.

I am adding that to the bug list . Gees Yea thats like a noobie mistake . Maybe just a backdrop looking like ps1 of a forest you cant pass ? But hey I really am thankful you gave it a try .

Oh I thought most of the raised surfaces I fixed that , though I never stood on that desk . I wonder if I can edit the nav mesh directly and just remove any remaining in that area .

Yea I dont see it , I thought if the nav mesh had islands the kinematic head of the snake could not get to the other side .
the source is here if you want to look at it =/ GitHub - vrcdrafter/snake_dev_ground: a godot game 3rd time is the charm .

I didn’t find any special system, except that if you stand on the edges (at the wall or opposite), the snake can’t climb in. But if you move to the corner, it will climb.