"Solution" quote to preserve formatting


When a topic is marked as solved the solution is quoted in the first post like on this screenshot:

But as you can see this quote doesn’t preserve original formatting (in this case, a gdscript code block).
Is it possible to setup the forum in a way that the original formatting of the answer is preserved? As many answers are indeed code answers.

It is especially sensitive for GDScript which doesn’t have semicolons and uses tabs as block indentations. Removing formatting in this answer turned it into invalid GDScript.

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Topic where this occurs: https://forum.godotengine.org/t/how-to-tween-a-dictionary-value

This is likely a Discourse bug we can’t resolve on our end. If you click on the “expand” arrow in the top-right corner of the infobox, it’ll display correctly:

My guess is that Discourse relies on displaying the plain text in the compact infobox, but it should display the parsed text with CSS overflow instead.

This is a known issue with partial discourse quotes. It happens since when quoting only a part of a message, it cuts through the markdown/bbcode tags and ends up with an invalid partial. When you click the embed title, it expands to show the full post. At that point the rendering is correct again.

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