[SOLVED] Saving/Loading game FileDialog does not exist

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By lavaduder
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I have been trying to set up a custom save game, using the filedialog pop-up
However when I call these save/load functions.print(savename) does not respond, and load game fails to pass the check.

(Sorry for any clutter, I’ll try to have separate projects for issues like this from now on.)

In my controller.gd

  extends Node
    #Item management
    var itemenabled = {
    Itemtest = true, 
    Coinage = true 
    var itemquantity = {
    Itemtest = 0,
    Coinage = 0
    #Player managment
    var spawn = Vector3(45.748199,3.45762,0)
    var inputenabled = true setget set_input
    enum enviromenttype { #To tell what enviroment the player is in
    var currentenvirment = enviromenttype.outside #The current levl enviroment type the player is in
    #Outside nodes
    onready var hud = get_node("/root/world/hud")
    #onready var hudinv = hud.get_node("inventory/label")
    #onready var text = hud.get_node("textbox/text")
    #onready var talkicon = hud.get_node("talkicon")
    #Save/Load Functions
    func save(): #returns the values of the selected node
    	var savestruct ={
    		spawnx = spawn.x,
    		spawny = spawn.y,
    		spawnz = spawn.z,
    		itemenabled = itemenabled,
    		itemquantity = itemquantity
    	return savestruct
    func savegame(savename): #Saves the game
    	var file = File.new()#Creates data
    	file.open(savename,File.WRITE)#Opens the file for saving data
    #	var savenodes = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("save") #Get all the nodes in the group save
    #	for i in savenodes:
    	var nodedata = save()
    	file.store_line(nodedata.to_json())#stores node data, with the json file format.
    	file.close()#Closes the file, finishes the saving process
    func loadgame(savename): #Loads the game
    	var file = File.new() #set up the file variable
    	if !file.file_exists(savename):#Checks if the file exists
    		print("Check failed! No file exists")#Debug tool, checks if save game exists
    		return #Check failed! No file exists
    	var savenodes = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("save") #Make sure the controller doesn't clone any nodes.
    	for i in savenodes: #Gets the old nodes in group save
    		i.queue_free() #Removes the old nodes in group save
    	var currentline = {} #Load a line parameters
    	file.open(savename,File.READ)#Opens the file for loading data
    	while (!file.eof_reached()): #While there is negative integer (EOF)
    		currentline.parse_json(file.get_line())#Gets the information on the save file
    		var newnode = load(currentline["filename"]).instance() #Load the name of the file, based on savestruct of the file
    		spawn = Vector3(currentline["spawnx"],currentline["spawny"],currentline["spawnz"])
    		for i in currentline.keys(): #Get the rest of the variables in the savestruct
    			if (i == "filename" or i == "spawn"): 
                    continue #There is no need to reload the filename, parent, or position, so skip them
    			newnode.set(i,currentline[i]) #Load the remaining variables in the savestruct of the file
    	file.close()#Closes the file, finishes the loading process
    #Player functions
    func set_input(value):#Disables or Enables the input of the player.
    	inputenabled = value

in hud.gd

extends Control
#Outside nodes
onready var con = get_node("/root/controller")
#Item management
onready var itemenabled = con.itemenabled 
onready var itemquantity = con.itemquantity 
#Child nodes
onready var text = get_node("textbox/text")
onready var storage = get_node("dialogstorage")
onready var inv = get_node("inventory")
onready var invlabel = inv.get_node("label")
onready var menu = get_node("menu")
onready var menufile = menu.get_node("filebox")

func _ready():
	add_to_group("save")#Add hud to group save, for save game
	invlabel.set_text(str(itemquantity)) #Makes the inventory viewable
#	print(con)#debug tool, for seeing if the controller.gd returns null
#	print("Items Enabled: "+str(itemenabled))
#	print("Items Quantity: "+str(itemquantity))

func setrichtext(value):

func dialogtree(parameters): #Creates Dialog options
	#Children nodes for dialog tree
	var option = get_node("dialogoption").duplicate() #Duplicates the dialog option and it's children
	var button = option.get_node("button")#A duplicate of button
	var label = button.get_node("label")#A duplicate of label
	var command = parameters[0] #A action command with certain parameters
	var i = 0#The I stands for I, and thats a good thing 
	for operation in command: #adds a new dialog option, for every operation in the command parameters.
		var optiontext = operation.parameters[0]
		label.set_text(optiontext)#Set the duplicate's text
		button.connect("pressed", self, "selected", [i])#Will execute stuff like, animations and other functions
		var optionheight = Globals.get("playform/dialog_option_height")#Get a new height for the dialog option
		var optionsize = option.get_custom_minimum_size()#The space the dialog option will take up
		optionsize.y = optionsize.y*optionheight #Get the new height of the dialog option
		option.set_custom_minimum_size(optionsize) #Sets the new height of the dialog option
		storage.add_child(option)# Adds the dialog option
		if i == 0:
		i+=1 #increases the the I value

func selected(value):#When the dialog option is selected it will play this function

func addtoinv(item, value):#Inventory management, needs to be optimized better, replace the elif ladders with loops
	if item == "itemtest":
		if itemenabled.Itemtest == true:
			con.itemquantity.Itemtest += value
			itemenabled.Itemtest = true
	if item == "coinage":
		if itemenabled.Coinage == true:
			con.itemquantity.Coinage += value
			itemenabled.Itemtest = true
	print(str(item) + str(value))

#Menu and buttons
func _on_buttonsave_pressed(): #opens the filebox for saving
	con.set_input(false) #Disable the input, so you can not move while typing

func _on_buttonload_pressed(): #opens the filebox for loading
	con.set_input(false) #Disable the input, so you can not move while typing

func _on_filebox_confirmed():#Saves/Loads a game depending on the filebox mode.
	print(str(menufile.get_filename()))#Debug tool checks the name of the filename WIP not reading the file name
	if menufile.get_mode() == menufile.MODE_SAVE_FILE:#Saves game
	elif menufile.get_mode() == menufile.MODE_OPEN_FILES:#Loads game
	else:#If neigher it's not a supported file mode
		print("hud.gd failed to confirm files")
	con.set_input(true) #Reenables the input, so player can move

Could some one please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Any error in the console?
What does file.open() returns? You should check error codes if you want to know what is happening.

Zylann | 2017-05-31 09:28

uh how do I do that?


gives me 12?

lavaduder | 2017-05-31 17:14

A good practice is to do this:

var ret = file.open(savename, File.WRITE)
if ret != 0:
    print("Could not open file, error ", ret)

There is a list of error codes you can also get in GDScript in the documentatio of File… aaaaaand NO
The error codes are actually global constants, don’t ask me why xD : http://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_@global%20scope.html?highlight=ERR_FILE
(scroll down to the ERR_FILE_* constants)

Zylann | 2017-05-31 19:32

Okay thanks for the tips, but that still doesn’t solve my problem. How do I get the function to open the file. More importantly, Why is it not opening the file?

lavaduder | 2017-06-01 07:58

Is your file in a subfolder that doesn’t exist? Also, are you creating the file in user://? Never tried with filebox though… what’s the path that you get?

Zylann | 2017-06-01 11:23

in filedialog



So It should work, but I have had an issue with print(str(menufile.get_filename())) it’s not printing anything.

lavaduder | 2017-06-01 18:47

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: lavaduder

Okay I found out why I was having an issue with getting the file name from FileDialog.


is for AcceptDialog. getting the filepath (AKA: menufile.get_filename() ) Does nothing.

Instead there is a special function for FileDialog called file_selected( path )
Which gets the file path when the Ok button is pressed.

get_current_path() Also works.