Souls like 3D combo system help

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By waffleawt

I’m new to the engine, and working on a souls like project, still fresh kinda, and I’m stuck here for two days trying to figure out a combo system using lmb only with blend tree, pls help me or if possible to send you my project and help me implement it or tell me what’s wrong with mine, discord : waffleawt#3447

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: ferobregon

Where is your problem exactly? On the code implementation or in the node tree?
For a combo system I use an array to store the combo requests and a timer to track the attack duration. Every time the button is pressed, I stack the attack type at the end of the array and every time the attack timer gets to 0, I launch the next attack of the combo. To keep track of the combo stack, I use an index, every time an attack is launched the index steps up. I also check that the attack array does not get bigger than the combo limit.
For the AnimationTree, I made one Transition node for each combo and I change the parameter manually for the attack that is currently being excecuted.
I hope this helps. If not, you could show some code in order to know exactly whats going on.