Strange border between light2d mask and CanvasModulate

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By paxmustela

Hi, I have a light2d mask on a kinematic2d node (player character). The CanvasModulate node is set to transparent (can also set it to black same diff) with the environment default clear color as black. Trying to simulate FoV. Well, it mostly works except for a clear boundary between the light2d and the black of the CanvasModulate. Graphics are placeholders

The scene is set up

  • Root
    • CanvasModulate
    • PlayScene
      • Grouping Node
        • Player
      • Nav2d
        • TileMap

You can approach the boundary
When the light2d bounds hit the edge it expands

The reverse boundary (the one behind you) will close in and turn black
Not sure what’s going on, probably a setup thing I missed I am sure