string fn to_lower(), to_upper() doesn't work with Cyrillic

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By exe2k

When I use EN language in my string value

var test = "GIRL"

the result: girl

BUT since I change value of var to russian

var test = "ДЕВОЧКА"

I end up with ДЕВОЧКА, just like if the fn to_lowerisn’t working at all
Help me to fix it plz

Looks like it is a bug, because even in beta 11 it is still occurs but works a little better than in “stable” (sometimes i got Latin chars in a string).

as a temporary solution I made this fn:

func to_lower(string):

var caps  = ["А", "Б", "В", "Г", "Д", "Е", "Ё", "Ж", "З", "И", "Й",
"К", "Л", "М", "Н", "О", "П", "Р", "С", "Т", "У", "Ф", "Х", "Ц", "Ч", "Ш", 
"Щ", "Ъ", "Ы", "Ь", "Э", "Ю", "Я"] 

var small = ["а", "б", "в", "г", "д", "е", "ё", "ж", "з", "и", "й",
"к", "л", "м", "н", "о", "п", "р", "с", "т", "у", "ф", "х", "ц", "ч", "ш", 
"щ", "ъ", "ы", "ь", "э", "ю", "я"]

for i in caps.size():
	string = string.replacen (caps[i],small[i])
return string

may be it helps some one.

ps: I’m new to Godot, so if you know how to make this script be available for any project (at least locally) I would appreciate this so much. For example I have a script “” containing this fn and I want reach this script from different projects.

exe2k | 2019-03-07 11:07