Stuttering - VRR Related

If you are having stuttering issues and have an AMD card that supports Adaptive Sync, turn it off!

I spent 2 weeks going down a rabbit hole chasing micro stuttering issues. Hopefully this saves someone time and sanity…

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I’ve been facing some stuttering lately (Godot 4.2 on Ubuntu, KDE, X11) and your comment rang a bell. In my case I have an Nvidia card and after switching off G-Sync everything is working smoothly. Thanks!

thank you too

If you can only reproduce this in Forward+/Mobile, this is likely due to Forward Plus Renderer causes frameskips/jitter/judder/stutter, GPU frames aren't sorted correctly on Windows · Issue #84137 · godotengine/godot · GitHub.

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to disable VRR support – it should be able to work correctly with Godot projects. I personally leave VRR enabled at all times on a NVIDIA + Linux/Windows setup and it works fine on my end (including in Forward+/Mobile, I seem unable to reproduce the issues mentioned here). I use KDE + X11 on Linux.

That said, due to hardware limitations, VRR flicker is expected in the editor or in a project with low-processor mode if VRR is enabled for both windowed and fullscreen applications: Troubleshooting — Godot Engine (latest) documentation in English
This is a separate issue from stuttering though.

I am using Forward+

No flickering issues here, it is definitely stutter and it is pretty severe.

Glad I could help some people. I thought I was going crazy because I never had this issue before.

Any way to edit the title header to “Stuttering - VRR Related” since it seems this is not only an AMD issue?

Edited the title :gdparty:

I have an nvidia card. and my display settings dont seem to allow me to toggle g-sync. Any suggestions?