Tags and categories

I already see a few “can we add category X” topics I figured that instead of adding another “can we add category Y” post, it would be good if we could have some feedback and maybe discussions on what categories we want to introduce.

Right now, especially as I’m someone in a different time zone, it’s going to get hard very quickly to keep track of interesting conversations or find some.

Obviously for me my focus is on VR and AR, so I’d love to see an XR category, and tags for VR, AR and XR. But a more holistic discussion might be worth it.

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Owh and one totally user error thing I’d like to flag that is totally my fault, but feels likely to be repeated by others.

It’s not immediately clear that there are sub categories, I wonder if there is a way to expand this in the all categories view.

Only when I pressed the edit icon next to categories did I realise we had far more than I thought (still no XR though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

We should totally add a XR category!


What about Feedback subcategory of Showcase category?

@Emi it would indeed be nice to have an XR main category, but in case people find that overkill, an XR subcategory under the help category would already be a great thing.

What would it be used for? The way I see it, any showcase post (game, application, etc…) can ask for feedback, so it wouldn’t make sense to add a category separate from the existing ones.
Do you think a feedback-wanted tag could be useful? That way any post can be flagged as “I want to get feedback”

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Would it be used for other things than help? I personally would prefer a help category. People come here, and want help. So they go there. XR being outside of it can suggest to users that it’s not for help but more for discussions or problem reporting (which this isn’t, bugs should go to github).

Hey Winston,

I agree with this, an XR subcategory under help would be sufficient. When I first proposed this I was still getting used to the forum.

A VR and AR tag would be nice to have as well.

Done! :white_check_mark:

We now have the XR category, as well as the the ar and vr tags