Targeting old Java version despite update installed

Godot Version 3.5.3

Hi everyone,

I just installed Version 3.5.3 and installed the latest Java JDK. However I can’t export the project but get this message:

* What went wrong:

An exception occurred applying plugin request [id: '', version: '7.2.1']

> Failed to apply plugin ''.

> Android Gradle plugin requires Java 11 to run. You are currently using Java 1.8.

So I’d like Godot to use Java 11, which surely hides somewhere. How can I tell it where to look?

Which OS are you using? On Windows, check Add/Remove Programs for any old Java versions lying around.

Yes, Windows 10 it is.
So removing old Versions would make Godot automatically use the final one installed? Is it not necessary to somehow show Godot a path to the installation, like the Sdk- or keystore-paths? (I’m not sure how these connections in the background work.)

In control panel / programs and features I see several Javas listed:
Java 8 Update 301
Java SE Development Kit 8 Update
Java™ SE Development Kit 16.0.1
Java™ SE Development Kit 17.0.10
I guess I could easily uninstall them from there. Should I leave 17 then?

Yes, I recommend removing all versions older than 17 on your system. Modern apps like Minecraft or JetBrains IDEs generally bundle a JRE, so there’s less of a need to install one system-wide unless you’re running old Java apps (which may require JRE 8 and nothing newer).

You don’t need to point Godot to the JDK path, as Godot will pick it up through the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

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Alright, I’ll do that. Thanks for your help and explanations!

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