team / network game engine ?


I would like to develop a game that features ALSO teams work (like guilds in different worlds). I would like to know if Godot allows to make a game where gamers can create guilds/teams, roles for each team gamers, teams tasks and rewards ?


Godot does not have these things as built-in features as they are too specific (not every game needs them). You can code them by yourself though, Godot is capable of that. However, this is the case with almost any general purpose game engine.

If you don’t want to code everything by yourself, then you most likely want to use an external service to host your users. One option I know is nakama. It has an integration for Godot, and it is quite flexible:

Nakama is very nice. Super easy to get started, the Godot SDK is pretty good, the docker image works out of the box

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