Textures in 3d go black during zoom in or out

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By godotisgreat

I am using GLES 3.0 and noticed some other people had same issues about 2 years ago but it had no specific answer. In my game, i made a new CSGBox and and for the material, I dragged a texture on to it. I wanted to see how it looks from a different point of view and as soon as i zoom out to the textures go black all of a sudden and only come back when i zoom in to where it was before. I thought the problem was because my texture was black and it needed to be more specific but this didnt turn out to be the case. I made a new box and gave it another texture (which is red to be precise), and the same thing happened. Both of the boxes were black at that point. I feel like this has something to do with my gpu, which is Intel UHD 605 (which is obviously not a good graphics card for rendering).
I really need help on this as i cannot tell if my textures work or not. Your help and answers are really appreciated. Thank you.