the data of the created resources do not match the data of the resources when they are imported into the script variable

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Timofey

I am trying to make a survival game. Each biome has several parameters: height, moisture and temperature. Each biome is a resource file, it has each of the previously listed parameters, a list of characters such as “>”, “<”, etc. (you can also choose “between”). and a dictionary of names of tiles and the chance of appearance of a tile in the biome. You choose the minimum and maximum of each parameter, the sign and fill in the dictionary - biome ready (if the “sign” is not selected “between”, the minimum and maximum values of each parameter should be the same). Also, there is a resource file for the tile, which has the name and ID of the tile. So, the problem is. I created 8 biomes and 6 tiles. But when the game displays error that the parameters do not fit any biome (I created a function where the parameters of height, humidity and temperature select biome and written error output for functions).
Also, when you restart the engine, the signs of values for BiomeResource resources in the engine is reset to the default value, but nothing in the file changes.

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