The enemy can not jump

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By BigPoppa

Hi guys,
I am using C# to create a game with Godot.
I am creating an enemy who has to jump a determined distance up and, once there, he has to go directly to the Player to give the Player a kick in his face. I have tried to do it, setting a Ray 2D (TheRay) in the enemy’s base and using IsColliding() to determine if the enemy is Colliding with the Floor (the tiles).
Later I use Move Toward to jump until the a point (the TopPosition) and when the Enemy has reached the TopPoint (Position.y<=TopPosition.y) I use another MoveToward to move the Enemy to the Player (to give him the kick). The problem is that the enemy
jump but doesn’t have a linear trajectory to the Player but the enemy travel iterating (as a fly that is going to some food) and I don’t know why. Do you know what could be the error?
This is part of the code of the Enemy script:

public override void _PhysicsProcess(float delta)

	velocity.y += Gravity * delta;
	velocity.y += Gravity * delta;
         if(PlayerIsNear){ //the PlayerIsNear variable is a boolean that become activated with a  Signal 
        if(ThePlayer.GlobalPosition.x > this.GlobalPosition.x){
                TheSprite.FlipH = false;
       } else{                                                                 
                TheSprite.FlipH = true;

            TheTargetPosition = ThePlayer.GlobalPosition;
            TopPosition = new Vector2(Position.x,Position.y -1000);

            Position = Position.MoveToward(TopPosition,5);


             if(Position.y > TopPosition.y){
                GlobalPosition =GlobalPosition.MoveToward(TopPosition,5);
                GD.Print("it is going up");
                if(TheTargetPosition.x > GlobalPosition.x){
                    Position = Position.MoveToward(TheTargetPosition, 5);