The game lagging after exported to the Web (.HTML)

Just wanted to mention that shader caching can cause a slow-down like you’re describing the first time the shader is used. In 4.1 and 4.2, it is much slower for me on web and linux builds, but not very noticeable on windows builds (haven’t had the chance to test other OS’s). I believe it is probably the same issue described here: shader compilation very slow in Compatibility renderer · Issue #86731 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

If this sounds like the issue you’re having, a workaround is to have objects with the shaders visible but offscreen during an initial loading screen, so the lag doesn’t disrupt gameplay.

yes it looks very similar.

but i just wonder why is that happens to me? i have used 0 shaders in my game (not including shaders that’s being just a files in assets folder and not used on any node.)

for example, here’s the bullet’s hit_point that i’m creating on the gif:
So i’m not sure what means shader here, i just don’t have it here.
I’m spawning just a cube with red Albedo Color and it freeze at this moment!

pre-spawning just reduces the freeze time but it still here.

upd. Tested on Godot 4.2.1, it have lags even on PC, it’s crazy.
Seems that Godot developing going to down and not to up.

upd_2. i have checked other Godot games exported to the Web, they all have lags like this…
If someone want to test one of the games: Project: Intellisphere by stylemistake
If the game above runs smooth for you then question is closed.