The Indian call center spam is plaguing the forum

I know there is a system that disables the posts after a certain amount of community flags and mods can remove the spam post but there is too much Indian call center spam in the forum
Is there a way to flag the posts as spam without clicking on it

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it would probably be appropriate to tag every new user who creates a topic with another tag like NOVICE and these would be set by default to be displayed after one day, this tag would be subject to an extra check if it is not spam or a real contribution.

In this case all spam would not be displayed in the TOPIC section but would be categorically hidden in the NOVICE category where it would be better to use, say, a script to detect spam bots that would be automatically directed there.

it would not matter which category they choose, they would not be displayed in that category if they are marked as NOVICE and would be subject to daily quarantine

info for: @winston-yallow

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It is getting a bit annoying, indeed. Are there any moderators online?

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I send message to emi I dont if he know it or not. First spam post is about 3h ago.

and it still continues

I dont know if they are bot or not. Because in their topic I said stop it and hi gave me a like and send same message again.

Forum needed functionality like shadow banning.

  • new user post can be only visible by long time register users
  • shadow banned post will be deleted automatically after period time
  • you can see shadow banned post by direct link

I think accounts should be email verified if it isn’t implemented or use the badge system in Discourse that only allows the person who has the “Certified” badge to create a new topic
This annoys the new users a little bit but will slow down the spam situation.
But it is less damaging as it is faster and easier to detect someone trying to spam with the Discobot.