The most efficient way to create a grid based game (2D / 2.5D)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By YP

I’m new to Godot and I want to create a 2d or 2.5d grid based game, in the style of XCOM, using randomly generated levels.

After some research, I’ve started developing it using Tilemaps.

But I’m starting to believe that this is not the most efficient way because Tilemap and its tiles lack event interaction (like hover and click in my case since the main control will be touch/click).

Is there another way to achieve a grid based level generation?

You can create your own system for a grid-based game. But it would be quite difficult since you’ll have to keep track of all the grid stuff, instead of using the utilities found in Godot.

With regards to interactions, the Input and Event classes may be able to suit your needs. Godot can be programmed to take user actions (such as mouse clicks) and interpret them how you want (e.g. selecting one army unit, or several units, on the battlefield).

Ertain | 2018-10-11 20:46