throws an exception

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By VarionDrakon

throws the current code into an exception:

	private string JSONLoadName;
void TestJSON()
		var TestJson = new Godot.File();
		TestJson.Open("JsonFiles/Test.json", File.ModeFlags.Read);
		string dataText = TestJson.GetAsText();
		JSONParseResult result = JSON.Parse(dataText);
		Godot.Collections.Dictionary scenario = result.Result as Godot.Collections.Dictionary;

		JSONLoadName = scenario["Name"] as string;
		GD.Print($"Debug {JSONLoadName}");
		GD.Print("Error JSON File!");

JSON file code:

null = {
"Name": "Ivan",

What are your ideas for solving the error?

Does your filepath have to be prepended by user:// or res://? What is the exception say? Have you confirmed you’re loading the file and getting content?

beaverusiv | 2021-04-04 02:57

Do you think this is the case? The fact is that in a simpler, but similar method, I downloaded and read a regular TXT file.

VarionDrakon | 2021-04-04 03:03

Thank you very much, helped res://

VarionDrakon | 2021-04-04 03:07

If this has solved it please mark my answer as correct, and have fun :slight_smile:

beaverusiv | 2021-04-04 03:11

Yes, but you wrote in a comment, not as an answer)

VarionDrakon | 2021-04-04 03:15

I added an answer

beaverusiv | 2021-04-04 03:17

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: beaverusiv

Does your filepath have to be prepended by user:// or res://?