Trouble Exporting Project to Android With Mono/C#

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By KSap

I’m currently in the process of learning how to use the Godot engine for a project I’ll be making soon. I followed the tutorial for Dodge the Creeps and then did the next section for exporting the project to an Android platform by making an apk. I provided the adb, jarsigner and debug keystore paths as specified, and I exported the project. It created an apk, but I was not able to run it (error: Guest_Not_Ready_Yet).

I also tried using my phone. I connected my phone which did launch the “One-Click Deploy” Android button in Godot, and the output showed that it was building, but it appeared to hang at the “installing on device” part. So the apk never finished installing. I also tried copying the apk directly to my phone and the installation failed.

I am using Godot Mono and used C# (with Visual Studio Code as my external editor) to develop my scripts. That was the only difference from the tutorial used in the Godot Docs.

I’m new here, so please let me know if you need more clarification or details.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: KSap

I’ve figured it out; I had to also install the Android build template.