Trouble with Android mobile screen expanding till camera region in portrait mode game

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By abhinav

I am making a portrait mode game for android. In project.godot settings, i have selected Mode=2D and Aspect=ignore. The camera of the mobile is little bit over the screen in front. Due to this some top middle part of the game is getting hidden due to this expansion till camera region. I want the screen to expand till just below the camera so that top middle part of the game do not get hidden. Is there some setting do i need to do to solve this ?

According to me, i think its a bug in Godot.

You can try to select keep instead of ignore . It will make sure your game appears just the way it appears while you test it on your Computer. However, it will add black bars in your phone to preserve the ratio.

Scavex | 2021-01-05 13:11

If i keep Aspect=keep, then the game will have problem in adapting to different aspect ratios android screens. So Aspect=keep will create more problem for me.
I am using a android Mi Pro 7 mobile. Its front camera comes over the screen at top middle. Due to this some top middle contents of my game get hidden behind the camera.
As an example reg. my question, you can see a game “super bino go”. in this game, the screen stretch just below the front camera. I want the functionality similar to the behaviour of this game.

abhinav | 2021-01-05 19:12