Troubleshooting nightly build of 3.1 beta

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Diet Estus

I have been working on a project in 3.1 alpha. I downloaded 3.1 beta from here and ran my project.

All of the collision in my AutoTile now seems to be one-way, and the output in the editor is now continuously printing “margin: 1” or “margin: 0”. The collision in the AutoTile is set to shape_one_way = false.

The printing seems to have to do with the AutoTile, because when I delete the TileMap node from my level, the printing ceases.

Any ideas why this might be and how to fix it?

I can’t help you with this topic as I don’t use AutoTiles but did you already try out the 3.1 beta2 from this link:?

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.1 beta 2
Index of /godotengine/3.1/beta2/

wombatstampede | 2019-01-20 14:45