Tutorial for HTTPRequest and High-level multiplayer for godot 3

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Is there a tutorial for HTTPRequest and High-level multiplayer for godot 3 to I can follow it?

If you Google around I’m sure you can find tutorials of both.

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thanks for it but is there is video tutorial?

because of I cant find I am asking here.

2 seconds…

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you dont need to be rude like that. Usually I dont have internet connection. When I have internet connection I need to look somany thing with slow internet and download sources to learn them. And there is no rule everyone can find everything on internet

Well don’t lie and say you can’t find them… :wink:

Why I need to lie you?
Say me which one is easier: Coming here, writing post and waiting answer or just googling?!
If I can find it why I will ask you and hear all this things from you?!
Before saying somebody to lier, stop and think about it!
Everyone doesnt have same life!

It was quite easy to find these. With your key words from your title.

I cant understand what is your problem with me?
I searched but I cant find because of that I asked here?
Is this forum not for asking?
What I did to you for make you rude to me?

No offense @ovo , but your ChainGun posting is little bit strange…

you are asking fundamental questions to which you will find the answer before you can ask them here on the forum…

I hope you won’t get to know if godotengine is designed for games and if you can make a game in it, and if not, why not.

once again, no offense

I’m sure @pennyloafers isn’t being rude to you

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okey I will ask less. sorry if I did something wrong.

don’t do anything wrong, just try to search more, because as you can see we have found the answers to your questions here. and if we found them, you’ll find them too. :+1:t2:

yes because of that we are using forum. To find answer which we cant find

I did look up to see that Turkey does censure YouTube. So finding videos would be hard in that regard without using a VPN.

So I will apologize for my snarky remark. Sorry

I will say that I’m giving you my time freely, and I ask you to please work with me, because I will not just work for you. I didn’t understand your situation, but I am more aware now.

I have given you two completely relevant links to Godot’s documentation for http and multipleplayer. Since your bio says you are a full stack web developer, I’m sure you can figure out the quirks of Godot’s http api.

I would say Godot’s multiplayer docs will leave you wanting more, but there are links to multiplayer projects on GitHub to look at if you read the Godot documentation.

No problem but godot banned me. My account just opened.