Two minute delay switching between scenes in editor.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By avencherus

I am doing this work in 2.1.4

A bit stumped by this… Currently I have a level scene, that has segment scenes as children. Each segment has platform scenes.

There isn’t much to the platforms scenes, they have a collider and some textures.

When I click on this scene it loads fast, but when switching away from it, or exiting, it stalls the editor for 2 minutes.

Initially I thought maybe it was tool scripts, but I cleared them all off. I remade the scene and it seemed to be working fine for a moment, but after re-opening it later, the problem continued.

It only alleviates when I reduce the number of platforms in a segment.

Is this an editor bug, or does anyone know of anything that may be behind it?

There’s an editor bug, which happens if you have non-ASCII characters in project path name. It inflates editor configuration file size, which causes long scene switching (I think) and exiting.
Your problem might not be this, but sounds very similar. Do you have some Unicode chars (e.g Ą, Ö, Ñ etc.) in names of your nodes or scene?

KoBeWi | 2018-03-09 12:36

Interesting issue, but no I only use standard ASCII for naming, and the issue is in only one scene. Everything else switches and exits normally.

This scene issue gets better when I remove the instances of the game objects, but looking at those scenes they’re all very small. A texture, a collider, and some position2D nodes. Nothing odd that I can spot in the TSCN files.

It just seems like the wider the node tree, the longer a scene hangs when it unloads from a change of tab.

avencherus | 2018-03-09 16:13