Use mouse to move game pieces in 3D

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Veorir

So basically I want to make a Jenga game in a 3D space.

I have made a surface and I have placed a block upon it in 3D. I have a camera rig so that I can use the right mouse-button to click-drag the camera position around the surface and view it from different angles.

Now I just want to use the left mouse-button to move the blocks around.

I have read about the raycast in the Godot Document and tried following many different tutorials but none have worked for me so far.
This is my second attempt at a Godot game, and my first 3D game, so I still have some trouble with grasping everything…

For those who don’t know Jenga;
You have 3 blocks (dimensions for example 12x2x4) laying lengthwise side by side. Another layer of 3 blocks are placed on top of the previous 3, but now turned 90 degrees. Alternating layers are stacked upon each other until you have a tower of however many layers desired.
The players will have to remove one block from the tower (except the top layer) per turn and place the block on the top in the alternating pattern, without toppling the whole structure.