Using signals to update label text

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Supernova Files

I’m trying to use signals to update a text from a label, but it’s not working.

I have a Singleton ( just to declare the signal:

extends Node

signal validate_answer(answerData)

And it is emited in the function in another script:

func drop_data(_position, data):
	answerSelected = {"id" , "description": data.description, "status":data.status}
	SIGN.emit_signal("validate_answer" , answerSelected)

Then I have the scene that will connect to the signal:

extends Control

onready var resultLabel = $MarginContainer/VBoxContainer/Resultado

func _ready():
	SIGN.connect("validate_answer" , self , "on_validate_answer")

func on_validate_answer(answerData):
	resultLabel.text = answerData["description"]

I thought that this would update the text property, but it is not. What am I missing here?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Matthew Hazlett

func buttonHandler(name, sender):
    	G_Events.emit_dialogResult({ "id": menuID, "button": name})

Singleton (

extends Node

signal dialogResult

func emit_dialogResult(data): 	
     emit_signal("dialogResult", data)

func _ready():

func init():
	G_Events.connect("dialogResult", self, "dialogResult")

func dialogResult(data):