using sprite3D as tiles in a (grid)map

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By panoramix

hey, i have a 3d scene “wall” that contains nodes:

Spatial> MeshInstance> StaticBody> CollisionShape> Sprite3D

i have another, (main) scene, where i use multiple instances of wall
i have to position all of them manually, and i shall have multiple individual types of
wall, so positioning all of them like this will take much time and hassle

i tried converting wall to a mesh library to use in a GridMap, the mesh gets placed, the collision shape works, but the Sprite3D is not included.

how could i use this “wall” scene as a kind of a tile in a (grid) map (with the Sprite3D included), in my main scene?
will i have to remove the Sprite3D, and make it a part of the mesh itself as a texture/material in blender? for my purposes, i like the fact that the Sprite3D is a separate node and not a part of the mesh, but currently i can not find a way to use it in a GridMap