Using the same animation on multiple objects with different key values

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Elkondo

So in my platformer game I’ve got those typical crusher thingies that move up and down and deal damage if they squash the player. I used AnimationPlayer to create the animations for moving up and down. I’m using property track and changing the position of the parent node.
My main goal here was to create external variables in the script so that I can have some of them raise higher and some lower (as shown in the picture - I’d like the left one to go up 32 pixels, and the right one only 16). To do that, I used track_set_key_value to change the top position in the animation. However, it appears that animations, even if not saved, are a global resource and changing the key in one instance affects both, most likely taking the value of the one that loaded later.

Is there any workaround for such a thing?
If there’s nothing I can do, I could just create separate 32px and 16px animations, though being able to set it to any value I want would certainly give me more flexibility.